Spotlight:   Tidewater Industrial Complex

Georgia Power Resource Center

March 2013

McIntosh County’s Tidewater Industrial Complex is located directly off Interstate 95, one of the nation’s major business corridors. Approximately 330 of the park’s 517 acres are available for development. All utilities are in place, including an 8” water main, 10” sewer main and 4” gas main. The Port of Brunswick’s Mayor’s Point Terminal is just 21 miles from the Tidewater complex and Savannah’s ports and international airport are within 50 miles.

A labor force of more than 95,000 lives within 30 miles of the industrial complex. Available state incentives include a $4,000 job tax credit and the county offers 100 percent Freeport.

Founded in 1736, Darien is a charming coastal town steeped in history, offering beautiful views by the water with ancient live oaks and Spanish moss. The community offers something for everyone, from exploring barrier islands, landscaped parks, authentic colonial forts, coastal marshlands with five rivers, discovering the Gulla-Geechee culture, salt and freshwater fishing and sea kayaking. McIntosh County is rich in history, the beauty of nature, and is welcoming to new businesses.