A Coastal Life Style

McIntosh County is a coastal community providing opportunity to an array of water sports.  Fishing is enjoyed year round for whatever the catch of the month may be.  Crabbing and shrimping are seasonal but many take their chances with crab traps, or even a piece of bait on the end of a string; shrimp nets are used off backyard docks and off beaches.  Kayaks and canoes are popular in the creeks and rivers.  Darien has been a destination for “Paddle America” on the Altamaha River.

Educational Opportunities


Healthcare services are available through the Southeast Georgia Health System (SGHS) through the Family Medicine Center in Darien and at the main medical center facility in Brunswick. There are a number of local physicians, as well as chiropractic care, local dentistry, and physical therapy.

The Arts

The local McIntosh Theatrical Arts Association has periodic stage productions in the theater at McIntosh County Academy.  The McIntosh Arts Association maintains a gallery in the “Old Jail Art Center and Museum”.  Artifacts and photos depicting much of Darien and McIntosh County history are on display.  Varying mediums of art by local and nearby artists are also throughout the building.  The building was the jail in Darien for many years.  Several cells are still a part of the history displayed.

So what is McIntosh County known for?

Saturday 388

Several awesome community events

Alligator at Skippers in Darien Goergia

The freshest seafood and best restaurants

MIDA 041

Beautiful nature preserves, eco-tourism, and historic sites


Laid back coastal life style

Darien – McIntosh County Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Darien-McIntosh County Chamber of Commerce is to promote economic growth, represent the business community and enhance the quality of life while protecting our cultural and natural resources.


Darien – McIntosh County Chamber of Commerce