Regular Board Meeting Minutes

August 5, 2021


The regular board meeting of the McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority (MCIDA) was held August 5, 2021, in the board room of the Industrial Development Authority Office, 211 Walton St, Darien, Georgia, at 9:00 a.m., Vice-Chairman, Davis Poole, called the meeting to order.

Board Members present at meeting when called to order:  Jean Tinnin, Tom Draffin, Bill Hodges, Sam Oliver and Davis Poole.  Also, present were President Dawn Malin, Attorney Jay Duncan and Executive Assistant Teresa McDermott.

Board members absent were Chris Harper & Cliff Sowell

Guest:  Kathleen Russell

Davis Poole welcomed the Board to the meeting.

Bill Hodges offered the invocation which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

Davis Poole requested a motion to approve the agenda.   Bill Hodges made the motion to approve the agenda.  Jean Tinnin seconded the motion.  Mr. Harper asked if there were any changes, additions, or deletions.  The motion carried unanimously.

Davis Poole requested a motion to approve the July 27, 2021 board meeting minutes Sam Oliver made the motion to approve the July 27, 2021 board meeting minutes.  The motion was seconded by Tom Draffin.  The motion carried unanimously.

Old Business

  1. Dawn Malin announced that she met with Thomas and Hutton concerning Project Seahorse and American Recovery Act Grant Application. This is a matching grant.  We have contacted City and County to see if they’re interested to be on the grant with us.

New Business

  1. Dawn Malin announced that we have finalized the RLF application. We have already received one RLF but waiting on one more item before making a decision.
  2. Dawn Malin announced that it’s that time of the year again for the annual tax digest. Once we have dates, we will send out information.

Executive Session – None at this time

President’s Report

  1. Southeast Georgia Alliance has been doing virtual meetings with site selectors out of Atlanta. Planning on doing “Cheers from the Coast” here locally.
  2. Project Passion, we have been working on for 2 years which is a medical cannabis project was not given a license by the State of GA. They have filed an appeal due to discrepancies.

MCIDA Board Member Reports – None at this time

Announcements – None at this time

Davis Poole called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Jean Tinnin made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Tom Draffin seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously; the meeting adjourned at 9:23 a.m.

Next meeting will be Thursday, September 2, 2021, 8:00 a.m. workshop & 9:00 a.m. meeting.