Regular Board Meeting Minutes

September 25, 2018


The regular board meeting of the McIntosh County Industrial Development Authority (MCIDA) was held September 25, 2018, in the board room of the Industrial Development Authority Office, 211 Walton St, Darien, Georgia, at 6:00 p.m., Chairman, Chris Harper, called the meeting to order.

Board Members present at meeting called to order were:  Chris Harper, Cliff Sowell, Jean Tinnin, and Ray Williams.  Also present were President Dawn Malin, Attorney Jay Duncan, and Executive Assistant Teresa Gibson.

Board Members: JR Grovner, Mitchell Smith and TK King were absent.

Guest:  Paul Nix

Chris Harper welcomed the Board to the meeting.

Chris Harper offered the invocation which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

Chris Harper requested a motion to approve the agenda.   Jean Tinnin made the motion to approve the agenda.  Ray Williams seconded the motion.  Mr. Harper asked if there were any changes, additions, or deletions.   Jay Duncan said a deletion of number 3 in new business until everyone agrees on date and location.  Dawn Malin said to add number 2 in old business as an action item and the motion carried unanimously.

Chris Harper requested a motion to approve the August 28, 2018 regular board meeting, August 31, 2018 called board meeting and September 20, 2018 called board meeting minutes Cliff Sowell made the motion to approve the August 28, 2018 regular board meeting, August 31, 2018 called board meeting and September 20, 2018 called board meeting minutes.  The motion was seconded by Jean Tinnin.  The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Chris Harper asked Cliff Sowell for the Treasurer’s Report.  Dr. Sowell spoke to the Board about the August 2018 financials.  Dr. Sowell reviewed the financials and explained the notable differences compared to August 2017 was the negative income below August cash balances.  Dr. Sowell asked the Board if they had any questions.  None were asked.

Old Business

  1. Chris Harper announced that the 2018 Tax Millage Rate was approved last week for the second time due to procedure.
  2. Chris Harper requested a motion to approve the Oaks on the River Extension due to delay for planning and zoning delays. Ray Williams made the motion to approve the 90-day extension.  The motion was seconded by Cliff Sowell.  The motion carried unanimously.

New Business

  1. Dawn Malin announced that we have been working on our waterfront docks by ordering new signs, updating our website to reflect the rental fees, created a Facebook page, and even have a new liability insurance company for the waterfront park renters.
  2. Dawn Malin announced that she was nominated and accepted for the LSEGA (Leadership Southeast Georgia).

President’s Report

  1. RFI was sent out for a project that was looking at McIntosh, Glynn, and Camden county. Even though they loved our Industrial Park, we were eliminated from the project due to the number of hotels and the proximity to airports.
  2. Mark Strickland is working on giving us an estimate for cutting timber in our Industrial Park.
  3. Attended the meeting Art Lucas and Louis had with the planning and zoning board. Their plans were approved.
  4. No SEG Alliance meeting this month. Ryan Moore is taking Mel Baxter’s place in Glynn County. Ashley Carter-Gowen started in Charlton County, Brantley County will be hiring a new ED Director this Fall.
  5. GEDA annual conference was last week. Georgia received “Best State to do Business in.”
  6. Met with the representative for the owner of the outlet mall. Working on marketing the property.
  7. Thursday is the Public forum for the local election at MCA starting at 5:05 pm.
  8. Rural Prosperity summit is next week in Tifton.
  9. Mandy and I are attending a meeting with Jeff Jones to discuss Oyster Aquaculture which would allow our shrimpers more opportunities.

MCIDA Board Member Reports – None were given

Announcements – None were given

Chris Harper called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Jean Tinnin made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Cliff Sowell seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously, the meeting adjourned at 6:19 p.m.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 5:00 p.m. workshop and 6:00 p.m. board meeting.